About GDS Web Design

GDS Web Design is part of GDS Computer Systems Ltd, a family run business established in 2002.

So why choose us... when there are dozens of designers in our area alone?

Well, as you would expect all the sites we produce are mobile friendly and fully responsive across all devices, which means they automatically resize to suit whatever device they are being viewed on. Whether your prospective customer is using a PC or Mac, laptop or tablet, ipad, ipod or the smallest mobile phone our sites are fast loading, easy to read and simple to navigate. We look beyond producing just visually good sites…they have to work well too!

We also host sites at low annual rates including maintenance, to help small businesses create and maintain a web presence in the most cost effective way. From start to finish we can supply all the help you need to produce the site you want.

For a free no obligation quote or to discuss your requirements further please call us on 01273 832749 or click HERE to contact us by email.

The services we provide

GDS Web Design create all types of W3C "valid" web sites from a single landing page through brochure sites and right up to full e-commerce web sites. As you would expect all the sites we now produce are mobile friendly and fully "responsive" which means our sites automatically resize to suit whatever device they are being viewed on.

This site is an example of how we can make even a "single landing page" look just that little bit more special.

You may already have a fairly good website that just needs some updating or you may be starting from scratch, requiring us to arrange everything from hosting, domain name registration, design, copy creation, artwork origination and photography through to search engine optimisation (SEO)…or something in between!

We don’t offer fixed priced packages where you could end up paying for something you don’t need…instead we will discuss your exact requirements with you, provide expert advice and give you a free, fixed price and no obligation quote. If you prefer you can even pay in 12 monthly instalments.

For advice or to discuss your web design requirements and get a quote please email us at webdesign@gdsweb.co.uk.

Mobile Friendly Designs

What does "Responsive Web Design" or "Mobile Friendly Web Design" mean?

We take mobile friendly sites for granted now. No more moving the screen from side to side or squinting at the text or using two fingers to enlarge it. When the humble mobile phone became a mobile computer, and the go to device for surfing the net for everything from catching up with the news to ordering a takeaway websites had to change, and so was born Responsive Web Design (RWD) perhaps more popularly known as "Mobile Friendly" Web Design.

More correctly a "mobile friendly" design is intended to work well on a mobile phone whereas a "responsive design" should look good on any device.

All designers have switched over to producing responsive websites that automatically resize to suit whatever device it is being viewed on. But it's not just a case of scaling down as that wouldn't work with a large sized site, you can't get a quart into a pint pot as they used to say! Other things have to be taken into account, like download speeds in parts of the country that are not as well catered for by mobile providers, data saving and battery life. So every website we create is designed to work as well on a phone as a desktop.

But that's not all. Nowadays we all want the information we are looking for to be at our fingertips, and presented in a clear, concise, easy on the eye, easy to naviate, and easy to read way. So that is how all our sites are designed.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the process by which a website is "tuned" to allow search engines like Google the easiest possible access to all the relevant content of a site. This index of information is then used to "rank" the site compared to other similar sites when someone does a specific search. The more relevant the site is considered to be, the higher it is ranked, with the number one site appearing on the first page.

It is of course not possible for every business to have that position so SEO is all about getting a site as highly ranked as possible.

All GDS Web Design sites are built to be search engine friendly and follow the "Google Webmaster Guidelines" as standard practice which ensures they have a good start with additional help available as required.

Google algorithms penalise non mobile friendly sites by downgrading their ranking if they are being viewed on mobile devices, which most sites are now.

If you have had a website for some years the first thing to do is to see what Google thinks of your site by clicking our "Mobile Friendly Test" button.

This will take you to Googles test page where by entering your web address you will get an image of how the Googlebot sees your site on a mobile phone with a report that includes lots of useful advice. If you would like GDS Web Design to help implement any changes please contact us to discuss things and get a no obligation quote to update your site.

Mobile Friendly Test

Contact GDS Web Design

GDS Web Design is based in Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex.

We mainly serve the Burgess Hill, Ditchling, Cuckfield, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, and Lindfield areas extending up to Crawley and down to Brighton and Hove. However it is not unusual to design web sites just using email, without ever meeting the client.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further please call us on 01273 832749 or email us at webdesign@gdsweb.co.uk for more information.